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Rumer Willis takes on movie role


willis-2.jpgShe grew up the daughter of two of Hollywood’s A-list stars and now Rumer Willis, whose parents are Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, has joined the “family business” in a new comedy movie, “The House Bunny,” which debuts in theaters in August.
Willis, 19, has rarely appeared in films or on TV, and on Thursday, for the first time, she faced movie news reporters asking her about her role in “House Bunny,” in which she plays a member of a college sorority with a new ”house mom” (Anna Faris) who was a Playboy bunny.
Willis said she grew up hanging out on movie sets and on the periphery of production crews, and she always felt more like an “accessory” than part of the movie. “It’s been cool and different,” she said about acting. “It’s very different to be an accessory then actually do it (acting) because all the responsiblity is on you.”
willis-4.jpg“I always wanted to be part of the family business,” she added. “Growing up I would sit in a trailer and hang out. I’ve been in press junkets before, but never been the one sitting behind the table” answering questions.
Asked whether she felt like she  fit in with the young Hollywood scene when she was growing up, Rumer said she didn’t think so. In fact, she said she felt like a “big dork” as a kid. “There’s been a lot of pressure from everywhere to look a certain way and dress a certain way, and I don’t think that I entirely fit the convention.”
Because the film revolves around a Playboy bunny, the women stars were asked if they’d ever been offered an opportunity to be a centerfold model. Rumer chimed in: “If people want to see us in skimpy outfits they should just see the movie.”

Rumer may be a newcomer to movie acting, but that last quote was spoken like a true Hollywood star with a film to promote. 

(Reporting by Syantani Chatterjee)