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Bought at auction: meet Oprah, lunch with Tim Gunn, tennis with Agassi



                                 Lunch with “Project Runway” fashion guru Tim Gunn? About $250


                                         Tennis lesson with Andre Agassi?  About $2,750



                                       Meeting Oprah Winfrey backstage? Priceless — or close to it.

Viewers on charity online auction site were offering $13, 000 in early bidding to meet America’s favorite chat show queen as part of a celebrity fundraiser that also offers a singing lesson with Aretha Franklin, a vist to the set and meeting with the cast of TV medical drama “House”,  lunch in the Bevery Hills Polo Lounge with Warren Beatty, dinner with Bill Cosby in New York, a private magic show from David Blaine and many other opportunities to get up close and personal with A-list stars.

No tears, no jeers; Cody Linley exits “Dancing with the Stars”


(Writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

It could hardly come as a surprise to many viewers when Cody Linley was voted off “Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday, after he finished at the bottom of the judges’ scoring tally for three straight weeks.

“DWTS” co-host Samantha Harris told Cody, 18, that he had grown up in his time on the show. Last week a small contingent of his young fans squealed in delight when Maurice Greene was eliminated instead of him. On Tuesday, the crowd gave Cody a warm send-off.
“Words can’t even explain the true amazing, growing, learning journey that I’ve had on this show,” Cody said. “I can’t show my appreciation any more to Julianne. I can’t say thank you. I love her so much. This opportunity has been so amazing.”

Anti-fur group offers to pay Aretha’s arrears


Aretha Franklin arrives at post-Grammy Sony-BMG partyAnimal rights group PETA has come up with a novel way of encouraging a major music star to give up fur. In a letter written last week, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk offered to pay Aretha Franklin’s back taxes and fees on her Detroit mansion in return for going fur-free. The soul legend owes $19,192 on the property and could face foreclosure proceedings, a county official said earlier this month.

Newkirk’s letter says animals trapped in the wild can suffer for days, and die in a number of grisly ways on their way to becoming coats and other fashion acccesories.