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Shirts optional for Top 6 on SYTYCD


RyanKathrynSamba091213-0112The shirts came off as the top 6 dancers on So You Think You Can Dance performed for votes for the last time before Wednesday’s finale.

Ryan Di Lello led the topless trend, showing up in two of three numbers without a shirt. He tossed on a flimsy top for his third number, but left it open, prompting judge Nigel Lythgoe to say, “I’m pleased you found a shirt, you just need to find the buttons.”

Shirt jokes aside, Ryan was just one of the six extremely talented dancers who left it all out on the floor in a final bid for votes before America chooses its next favorite dancer.

Kathryn McCormick was perhaps the stand-out performer of the evening, with at least one judge proclaiming that the show should be renamed “the rise of Kathryn.” Her gentle contemporary routine with Jakob Karr was called a “game changer” by judge Adam Shankman, who added, “you humbled me.”

Injuries won’t stop krumping Santa on SYTYCD


RussellpartnerBolllywood_MG_5316It was crunch time for the competitors of So You Think You Can Dance as they vie for the final six spots in next week’s finale. Dancers had three chances to win audiences over — twice in choreographed routines with partners and once in a solo.

In spite of — or was it because of? — the pressure, there were more injuries this week in an already injury-plagued season. First, Napoleon and Tabitha tweeted about Ellenore Scott tearing her rotator cuff and posted a picture of her arm in a sling.

SYTYCD shake-up to hurt some, help others


jakobaashleighlyrjazz_mg_5722They came, they danced and the judges were almost too positive, especially since two more dancers will be sent packing from So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow, leaving only the all important Top 10, who are expected to go on tour in 2010.

For the dancers who remain after Wednesday night’s elimination, next week will bring new styles and a new partner. So who will the shake-up help and who will it hurt?

Will the Di Lello husband and wife team make Top 10 on SYTYCD?

- ashleighjakobhiphop091116_0183After some harsh words last week for dancers and audiences alike, it was a veritable love fest on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance Tuesday night as judges gave high praise to nearly all the dancers. Ashleigh Di Lello and Jakob Carr opened the evening’s competition with a strong Tabitha and Napoleon hip-hop routine. Judges were quite confidant Jakob will secure a spot in the top 10. Ashleigh, however, almost didn’t make it into the top 20 and had elicited speculation whether she’d be riding Jakob’s coattails into the top 10. This week she proved she could hold her own and contribute equally to the partnership: “I could name a number of people who didn’t give you a chance, who are now eating their words,” said executive producer Nigel Lythgoe — judge Adam Shankman admitted he was one of the former doubters.


After placing in the bottom three couples last week, Ashleigh’s husband Ryan and his partner Ellenore Scott were given a second chance and had the other standout routine of the evening, a beautiful contemporary number choreographed by season 2 contestant, Travis Wall. For a few moments, the judges almost forgot this was a dance show as they raved about Travis’ choreography work on SYTYCD. They were equally enthusiastic about the dancers, calling Ryan “the best ballroom dancer that has ever done contemporary.”