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A bad bromance as “Glee” goes Gaga


IGlee-Ep120_Sc15_0035Lady Gaga’s presence was stamped all over Fox’s “Glee” Tuesday night as the kids of New Directions explored their self-identity.

This week, Finn Hudson was caught in a bad bromance with Gleemate Kurt Hummel. It was a bad day for Finn as his homophobic prejudices toward Kurt surfaced upon hearing that he and his mother would be moving in with the Hummels and that he’d be sharing a room with Kurt, who has had a not-so-secret crush on him all year. Finn learned his lesson though after a lecture from Dad and came to Kurt’s defense (wrapped in a signature Gaga red rubber dress) just as Kurt was about to get a beating by football bullies who were not down with the Glee club’s new look: “If you want to switch it up, go from Gap to Banana Republic.”

HGlee-Ep120_Sc15_0564Elsewhere, Rachel Berry realized that Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran was her biological mother. (Did anyone else feel old upon hearing that Rachel was named after Rachel Green on “Friends”?) Mother and daughter tried to bond, but it didn’t work out as they realized things weren’t that simple after so many years. They parted ways, but not before a requisite duet: a fun, ballad-esque rendition of “Poker Face”.

Meanwhile, Principal Figgins issued an edict against goth-wear to Tina Cohen-Chang, stating that “American teens are coming down with a serious case of Twilight fever, transformed from normal children into vampires obsessed with the occult.”