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Hey Megan Fox, watch out for “Golden Girl” Betty White


betty-whiteLast week, was among a number of men’s websites that announced Tuesday would be a day without 23-year-old starlet Megan Fox. And just who did the writers and editors at Asylum think they could rely on to replace Fox? Why, Betty White of the 1980s senior citizen TV series “Golden Girls.”

The website on Tuesday featured a photo of White flashing the “devil horns” sign, heavy metal style. And it said that in the spirit of its Megan Fox ban, it “decided to try something a little different and celebrate a woman whose multi-decade career is the stuff of Hollywood legend.”

“Emmy-award-winning actress and comedian Betty White, today we salute you!” the website said.

Along with its Betty White item, the website featured its usual male-oriented content, including a link to alluring pictures of “Mad Men” starlet Christina Hendricks and a post titled “Guys spend 45 minutes a day ogling women.”megan-fox

A day without Megan Fox? Websites for men say yes


Megan Fox this year has made the news every time she walked down the red carpet, offered a teasing sound bite, or did just about anything on a public street or right-of-way. The sex symbol whmegan-foxo starred in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” the year’s biggest movie so far, seemingly can do no wrong when it comes to getting attention.

But that’s just the problem. Reacting to the starlet’s omnipresence in the world of entertainment news, several men’s websites are banning Fox for a day. They say they have nothing against the Tennessee-born beauty, but they are still banning her from their sites on August 4.