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Summer ’09: A Hollywood Requiem


Every year in Hollywood when the long, hot days of summer set in, some story comes along to shakeMichael Jackson up the media, and reporters seem to bite into it like a dog with a bone. Absent anything else going on in town, that story is becomes the tale of Hollywood’s summer.

So far, early in this summer of 2009,  the story has been celebrity deaths. When Karl Malden died yesterday, he was added to a growing list of celebrities who either died after long illnesses or suddenly, topped off by the King of Pop himself Michael Jackson.

When Jackson died last week, fans across the world went into shock and are still waiting news of an official funeral or public memorial.

Also catching fans by surprise was the strange demise of “Kung Fu” actor David Carradine, who was found in the closet of his Bangkok hotel on June 4. A pathologist who oversaw a private autopsy told

Where were you when Michael Jackson died?


The events of Michael Jackson’s death, the fan outpouring of emotion, and autopsy results all have played out in rapid succession since Thursday. But by late Friday, the day after he died, some people began saying they knew they would remember where they were the day he died.

Since then the question seems to linger, will the King of Pop’s death be remembered like the King of Rock, Elvis? Will it resonate like Princess Di’s, like Kurt Cobain’s, John Lennon’s or James Dean’s.