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Jennifer Garner can’t hide her baby bump


benandjen.jpgFor months, it has been speculated in celebrity magazines that film and television star Jennifer Garner, who is married to Ben Affleck, is pregnant with the couple’s second child. Although she or her representatives have never confirmed her pregnancy, Garner was in Los Angeles doing interviews for Disney’s “Baby Einstein” products and it was obvious just by looking at her that she was.

Wearing a short, floral print sun dress during an interview with Reuters, Garner could not hide her baby bump.

jen2.jpgShe and Affleck already have a daughter, Violet, and when we asked Garner which of the Baby Einstein products – a collection of DVDs, CDs and toys that introduce babies to art and classical music — that Violet favored, she declined to answer, saying she would not discuss her family or daughter.

Later in the day, entertainment news show Access Hollywood reported that she confirmed the pregnancy to them, saying she and Ben were “excited, obviously.” But even then she was coy at first, joking with the Access reporter that she “just had a lot of carbs for breakfast. It’s just – what do they call it? A breakfast pouch? Bunch?