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There’s mud at Glastonbury, and it ain’t glorious


Mud, mud, glorious mud. Or so goes the popular English song.

It’s a phrase often applied to the Glastonbury music festival, where the combination of some 180,000 people, rain and 900 acres of grassy fields in an English valley can produce an awful lot of the stuff.

At only my second Glastonbury after last year’s sun-baked edition, the rain and mud has come as a bit of a shock. Of course I’m careful who I complain to at the festival – veterans merely shrug their shoulders and say something like “nothing compared to …” and name a year when the conditions were particularly unpleasant.

Getting from one venue to the next is not easy at the best of times in Glastonbury, with crowds and a poor sense of direction often getting in my way. Now it takes at least twice as long as I trudge through sticky, squelchy mud and try to avoid the kind of messy belly flops I’ve seen performed – mostly accidentally – by fellow festival goers.

Keeping the tent from turning into a mud bath is another challenge, and taking notes in the rain a further frustration.

Have Gaddafi stars gone far enough?


Beyonce, Nelly Furtado and Mariah Carey have all tried to repair any damage that their links to the tainted regime of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi may have caused them.Beyonce.jpg

On Monday, Furtado tweeted that she would give away the $1 million she earned for just 45 minutes performing before the clan in Italy in 2007. OK, it’s a start, but when, and to whom, and how will anyone know?

Joe Jonas dances to Beyonce, for a ring


jobrosThe Jonas Brothers, a U.S. boy band, have famously worn purity rings to signify their pledge to abstain from sex until marriage. Now, the band’s frontman Joe Jonas has taken that commitment to another level, suiting up in tights and high heels to dance along to the Beyonce song “Single Ladies,” a tune that features the pro-marriage chorus ”If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” If you dare, check out the video below:  For some strange reason, men have taken a fancy to wearing tights and dancing along to “Single Ladies” ever since the song came out last year. One big man doing the jiggly dance  to R&B star Beyonce’s tune has attracted more than 5.7 million views on Joe Jonas has proven that he can make teen girls scream. But can he compete against the man in the big tights? Again, see the video below, if you dare:  

Jackman, Miley and those cute Slumdog kids — Oscar winners or losers?


Hugh Jackman brought his singing and dancing act to the Oscar awards ceremony and “Slumdog Millionaire” walked off with a leading 8 Oscars.


But who were the real stars of the show, and did the performances on the red carpet beat those on the slumdog-kidsstage of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood?

At last — an end to Etta James vs. Beyonce?


Etta JamesSoul queen Etta James is pulling back on her jab at pop star Beyonce, over the version of the longtime James hit song “At Last” that Beyonce performed at an inaugural ball for President Barack Obama.

James told the New York Daily News that when she advised an audience in Seattle on Jan. 28 that she cannot “stand” Beyonce for singing her song, she “didn’t really mean anything.”