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Celebrity Big Brother – will you miss it?


VinnieCelebrity Big Brother is back in Britain for the last time, and the now familiar lineup of obscure and very obscure “stars” is back in the house for more tears, tantrums, bust ups and challenges. While many will not miss it when it goes — Big Brother has fallen¬†victim to falling viewer ratings –¬† the tabloids must be wondering how they will fill their pages come the end. The Daily Mirror this morning was relatively subdued with front page coverage and a two-page spread inside. The Sun dedicated no less than four pages to the programme, which launched on Sunday night.

The most famous housemate? Depending on who you listen to, it is either Vinnie Jones, ex-soccer hard man and now movie hard man, or Stephen Baldwin, brother of the better-known actor Alec, or Ekaterina Ivanova, the former girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. And you can almost hear the Big Brother producers praying for some fireworks between cross-dressing cage fighter Alex Reid and Dane Bowers, who have at least one thing in common — they both dated celebrity model Katie Price.

Big Brother – will you miss it?


So farewell, Big Brother. You have been on British screens every year for the last decade, but 2010 will be your last, unless someone else can be persuaded to pay production company Endemol for a show that has seen ijadets ratings slump.

Channel 4 announced it is ditching the reality TV series, which in its prime enjoyed audiences as big as 10 million Britons but now is viewed by less than two million. Some pundits say it is tired and dull. Others say it never recovered from the 2007 race row when Jade Goody was accused of bullying Indian housemate Shilpa Shetty, prompting tens of thousands of complaints. Justice was seen to be done when Goody was evicted and Shetty went on to win.