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Shah Rukh Khan braves freezing Berlin


ShahNo thermal underwear for Shah Rukh Khan.

The 44-year-old Bollywood megastar is used to warmer climes, but has had to brave snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures during his visit to Berlin where his latest movie “My Name Is Khan” had its premiere on Friday.

Oozing charm, and making some in the audience at the movie’s press conference practically swoon, Khan bluntly stated: “Death before long johns. I am too macho for this.”

But Khan’s charm wore off with some esteemed colleagues who were made to wait for more than two hours for interviews with the actor only to be told that they had been called off. As of the time of writing, the interviews were back on again, but boy it’s been a long, cold day for those journalists.

Khan’s limousine is usually parked straight outside the building, as befits one of the most famous men on the planet. We mere mortals, however, must slip slide along treacherous pavements as we navigate our way from screening to press conference to interview to eatery. Welcome to the world of film festivals.

from Global News Journal:

Pusan International Film Festival unveils line up

The Pusan International Film Festival opens its 14th edition with “Good Morning President”, a movie taking a warm-hearted look at the ruthless and cold-blooded world of South Korean politics.

The festival is Asia largest and runs from October 8-16 in the South Korean port city of Busan. Organisers on Tuesday unveiled the line-up for the festival where 355 films from 70 countries will be screened, including 98 that will be world premieres.

from Africa News blog:

Is African film industry losing its light?

Something isn’t sitting quite right at this year’s fantastic, dust-filled pan-African FESPACO film festival.

For a start, it’s less “pan-African” than it might be: of 19 feature films competing for the shiny statue of Princess Yennenga riding her golden stallion -- Africa's very own Oscar -- only one is from east Africa and none from Nigeria, whose video industry is third only to Hollywood and India’s Bollywood. By far the majority are from French-speaking countries.

Stallone, Schwarzenegger in Bollywood? Not both.


arnie.jpgAction star Sylvester Stallone will make a cameo appearance in a Bollywood movie, but movie fans hoping Sly would share the screen with action hero-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to keep waiting. And maybe for a long time.

Aaron McLean, Schwarzenegger’s spokesman in the California governor’s office, dismissed recent media reports that the “Terminator” star will appear in the Bollywood movie “Incredible Love.”