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William Shatner: Please, beam him up Scotty


rtr212di.jpgActor William Shatner of “Star Trek” fame threw out some verbal gems this week at a videotaped autograph session, as he recorded personalized messages to fans seeking autographs. 
The story is linked here, but we couldn’t fit in all The Shat’s words of comic wisdom. So, not wanting it all to go to waste, we put it here.
Fans paid $149 or more to submit written questions or messages they wanted Shatner to read on video as he signed an autograph for them. He is doing it for a company in which he has partnered, Live Autographs. 
One fan asked Shatner if there’s anything he wouldn’t do for money. “Sell my body,” Shatner said. “On the other hand …” 
Then there were the misdirections, as fans wanted The Shat to say one thing and he said another. One family wanted the actor to record a phone message that said: “This is William Shatner asking you to boldly leave your message at the tone.”
“Thanks for asking me to answer your phone but I can’t do that,” Shatner said in his message. “Answer your own phone.” 
shatner3.jpgSome of the messages Shatner was asked to read were too weird, and he wouldn’t follow the script. But some were just too serious. One customer wanted The Shat to record a birthday greeting for a fan that said, “For 40 years you’ve lived your life with morality and character. For the next 40 years I suggest you live your life in the same manner.”
That last sentence was too much for The Shat, who substituted “For the next 40 years I suggest you have some fun.”
When asked to impart some words of wisdom to a young girl, Shatner told her to grab her brother and “bite him on the toe until he screams, and then when your parents say stop, don’t.”
All in all, Shatner signed more than 200 items with videotape rolling. 
(Reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)