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Show goes on in Cannes, recession or not


cannes21Plus ca change…******The Cannes film festival IS different from recent editions, but not radically. For me, the most noticeable difference between 2009 and 2005/6/7/8 is the absence of stars, be they genuine cinema greats or headline-grabbing celebrities who people care about, however fleetingly.******Sure, there are famous people here — Quentin Tarantino, Penelope Cruz, Mariah Carey, Brad Pitt, (a little later on) and Bill Clinton (in town soon for a charity dinner). But there are significantly fewer than we in the press are used to. In one sense that’s a good thing in that reporters can concentrate more on the film festival itself rather than the red carpets and celebrity-driven stunts. On the other hand, any major festival, and particularly the world’s biggest in Cannes, needs the glamour that star power brings to generate interest around the world.******So that’s what is different. But what is the same is the sunshine, the extortionate prices, the yachts in the harbour occupied by scantily-clad women and not-so-scantily-clad men, the parties (albeit fewer) and that “Cannes attitude”, in other words, “put-on-your-Sunday-best-even-if-it’s-Monday-because-you-never-know, someone-important-might-notice-you.”

The Usual Suspects hit Cannes


quentinThe Cannes film festival lineup just announced has a familiar ring to it, with several past winners vying for that nice gold-coloured leaf grandly called the Palme d’Or in 2009. Quentin Tarantino (who won in 1994) unveils the oddly spelled “Inglourious Basterds”, his World War Two caper starring Brad Pitt. Ken Loach (2006) and Jane Campion (1993) are also in the running in the main competition lineup as is Lars von Trier (2000).

Grabbing just as much limelight on the French Riviera, though, will be Terry Gilliam and his “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, the late Heath Ledger’s last movie with stars Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell stepping in to complete his role.

Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams top movie romance list


ryan-gosling-rachel-mcadamsWith Valentine’s Day coming up on Saturday, many movie fans will be looking for a good romance film to spark their own love life. But not all movie couples can convince fans they belong together, either on-screen or off.

Online ticket seller Fandango conducted a poll of customers buying tickets for February movies, asking people about their favorite and least-liked romantic movie pairings. On Tuesday, Fandango released a top 10 and worst 10 list.

Jen’s still a “sweetheart” in Brad’s eyes


(Writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis) 

For years,  the media has seized on the slightestUSA/ signs of a feud between actresses Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie over their man-in-common, Brad Pitt.

But in an interview with W magazine released online on Wednesday, Pitt tried to put all that to rest. Pitt addressed a comment Aniston made in December, saying that Jolie was “really uncool” for talking about how her romance with Pitt blossomed on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” in 2005 – when Pitt and Aniston were still married. USA/

Hollywood’s best movie contenders — did they get it right?


Hollywood’s movie awards season got seriously underway with the Golden Globe nominations on Thursday. But have those who pick the best movies and actors of the year got it right?USA/

Some pundits are already crying foul over the absence of Australian actress Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt’s co-star in ”The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”,  from the Golden Globe contenders, not to mention the fact that the San Francisco gay drama “Milk” got just one nomination, for actor Sean Penn.

Brad Pitt shows scorn for Paparazzi


(writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)brad

In recent weeks as he has been promoting his new film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” Brad Pitt has professed nothing but disdain for the paparazzi, and now the actor has told Rolling Stone magazine it was constant hounding by celebrity photographers that forced him and partner Angelina Jolie to move their family to France, where she gave birth to twins earlier this year.

papIn an interview released on Wednesday, Pitt said he often is trailed by a dozen paparazzi cars and several motorbikes, and he and his family have been “run out of every major city” by the paparazzi.

Breastfeeding Angelina Jolie fronts magazine


Doing what new moms do — but usually in private –  Angelina Jolie appears to be shown breast feeding on the cover of the November issue of W magazine, in a photo taken by her partner Brad Pitt.brad-angie.jpg
The black-and-white cover shot, which circulated on the Internet on Thursday, is apparently one of a group of photos of Jolie taken by Pitt  — and more pics are promised inside. 
With Hollywood undergoing a baby boom in the past few years, many a celebrity mom is talking openly about the joys of breastfeeding their newborns.

But few of them allow photographs of them doing so to make their way to the front pages of national magazines.

More kids for Angelina and Brad?


Six,  apparently, is not enough for Angelina Jolie.angelina.jpg

Jolie, 33,  is planning on expanding her family of assorted adopted and biological children – possibly with an addition from Haiti.

Asked at the premiere in New York of her new movie “The Changeling” whether she planned more children, Jolie was quoted as telling In Touch Weekly magazine eagerly; “Yes. We’re going to have more kids one way or another!.”

Brad Pitt donates $100,000 to gay marriage cause


brad1.jpgBrad Pitt has donated $100,000 to fight California voters’ attempt to eliminate the rights of gay couples to marry.

Pitt’s donation to the No on Prop 8  campaign is the largest single donation so far by a celebrity to the bid to defeat the anti-gay marriage California ballot measure in November, organizers said.

Don’t mess with Brad Pitt in cyberspace!


brangelina.jpgDabble with Brad Pitt in cyberspace if you dare.

The Hollywood hearthrob Brad Pitt has overtaken Paris Hilton as the most dangerous celebrity to search for in cyberpace, according to the second annual study of by Internet security company McAfee.

The company found Web users searching for “Brad Pitt,” “Brad Pitt downloads,” and Brad Pitt wallpaper, screen savers and pictures had an 18 percent chance of having their computer infected with online threats, such as spyware, spam, phishing, adware, viruses and other malware.