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Jolie, and THAT bump, hit Cannes


cannes20086.JPGcannes20087.JPGThe Jolie show is in town.

Angelina is in Cannes and Cannes has gone crazy, well, the media has, and as she graces the red carpet for two films featuring at this year’s festival, the fans will soon get their chance to join them.

Of course, public and press alike all love an A-lister, but the interest has grown along with Jolie’s bump, and she has just confirmed she is expecting twins. Her flowing white dress is a valiant attempt to keep our focus on the films, not the family, but it will be to no avail.

The normally tranquil, albeit crowded Wifi press room in the main festival building predictably descended into chaos as photographers and cameramen clambered over furniture, as well as startled writers peering into their laptops, to get a shot or 50 of Jolie crossing a walkway just outside.

Security guards slid windows shut and journalists slid them open again. Guards slid them shut again … and so on and so on. There was the inevitable tantrum as one man holding a video camera had his shot ruined by the window passing in front of the lens. Swear words were exchanged, the reporter stormed off, Jolie left, so did the snappers, and tranquility was restored.

Brad & Angie with twins? Maybe!


brangelina.JPGNews arrives today that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting again — and again. Twins!

Angelina has dodged all inquiries about being pregnant, but late last month when she was photographed with an obvious baby bump at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, it became clear — at least as clear as it could be — that she was again with child.brangelina2.jpg