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Heidi Montag — trapped by her own body


Less than a year after having her breasts enlarged to X-rated proportions (along with a further 11 astounding cosmetic procedures at the same time), reality TV starlet Heidi Montag is finding out the downside of  a G-sized bust.

For one thing, she can’t hug her four dogs (it hurts too much), and then there are the clothing limitations (not much in the way of off-the-peg outfits that size).  Not to mention the fact that they get in the way of regular wheidi boobsork-outs and that she feels “trapped in my own body”, according to Life & Style magazine.

Oh, and all those plastic surgeries also ruined her short-lived marriage to her “The Hills” co-star Spencer Pratt.

Heidi tells Life & Style magazine she is now looking for a plastic surgeon in South America (?) to remove the super-sized implants and bring her down to a smaller D cup. Or  a double D.