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Miley Cyrus’ CD sales slide as she ditches her wholesome image


Miley Cyrus’ young fans are rebelling against her rebellion.

As the Disney starlet approaches her 18th birthday in  November, she is not unwisely downplaying her wholesome image in favor of an edgier facade. The transition shouldn’t have been too hard given all the scantily clad photos that have surfaced in the past few years, not to mention a recently released videoclip that showed 16-year-old Cyrus giving a lap dance to a 44-year-old Hollywood director. miley in black

But her evolution into young adulthood is not getting any easier, if first-week sales of her defiantly titled new album, “Can’t Be Tamed” are anything to go by. The album, preceded by a sexy video, sold just 102,000 copies in the United States last week, landing at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 sales chart released Wednesday.

That’s a hefty drop from the 153,000 units that her Walmart-exclusive EP “Time of Our Lives” sold during its first full week last September. The EP’s numbers would have been higher if it had not gone on sale towards the end of the previous sales week, when it sold 62,000 units in just three days — enough for a No. 3 debut also.

Cyrus’ debut album under her own name, “Breakout,” launched at No. 1 in July 2008 with 371,000 units. She also hit No. 1 with a pair of albums released under her “Hannah Montana” alter ego: “Hannah Montana” kicked off with 281,000 units in 2006, and “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus” with 326,000 the following year.

Goodbye smiley Miley….


mileyhannah She’s been talking for months about carving out an edgier image after years of  the pink and sparkly world she  inhabited as  “Hannah Montana”, but even so the new Miley Cyrus music video must have come came as a bit of a shock — at least to her millions of Disney Channel fans around the world.

E!Online has an exclusive first look at the music video here

With its black leather figure hugging bodices, sexy dance moves,  and in your face lyrics, “Can’t Be Tamed”  sees Cyrus going down the road trod by Britney Spears after her first couple of albums, and more recently by glam sensation Lady GaGa.lady gaga