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Clooney returns to “ER” — did he bring his bedside manner?


george-cGeorge Clooney finally did put his scrubs on again for ”ER” — but only faithful viewers of the hospital drama would have known because of a curious lack of promotion over what had been a long-hoped for return by the show’s biggest star.

Clooney’s turn as (Dr Doug Ross) — still happily married to Nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Marguiles) — brought struggling NBC a welcome ratings boost. 

But how many more millions would have tuned in had they known that George  was putting in an appearance that night?

Robert Seidman  on the TV by the Numbers Web site  speculated that Clooney may only have agreed to do the show again if NBC promised not to use him for promotional purposes.  But Clooney’s people denied that, while NBC were tight-lipped.