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Salon owner saves next “Twilight” movie from the light


 A beauty salon owner in St. Louis, Missouri, has helped filmmakers behind the upcoming vampire romance ”New Moon” avert a fiasco by returning a script for the film, a sequel to last year’s blockbuster hit “Twilight,” a source close to the studio behind the movie said on Tuesday.


 Casey Ray reportedly found the script in the rubbish bin. But rather than sell it to a celebrity news outlet thirsty to suck out details on independent studio Summit Entertainment’s “New Moon,” Ray gave the script back to the filmmakers and in exchange, she will get a pair of tickets to the premiere of the movie, which opens on Nov. 20,  a sources close to the stduio behind the movie said.

 It’s debatable how much a “New Moon” script made available to the masses would reveal about the movie, since the franchise is based on the bestselling “Twilight” book series from author Stephenie Meyer, and the book “New Moon” has already been read by millions.

But there’s no doubt that an appetite exists. The latest issue of OK! Magazine features “New Moon” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the cover, with the headline “Secrets from the set.” The magazine promises to reveal what “exotic locales” the film’s stars travel to and who they’re dating.