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Will Ferrell strips down, lathers up for charity


sunbather(Writing and Reporting by Laura Isensee)

We saw his backside in “Old School,” but this time funnyman Will Ferrell is showing some skin for a good cause. 

Ferrell is pitching a line of SPF 30 sunscreen products on Amazon, eBay and for $11.99. Sales will fund scholarships for cancer survivors and amputees through the non-profit Cancer for College.

On each bottle, Ferrell strikes a pose. On the “Sexy Hot Tan” line, Ferrell bares a bit of his bum a la Coppertone Water Babies. On ”Forbidden Fruit,” he daintily covers himself with a leafy branch and smiles impishly. And the actor sports a hunky dark ferrell11tan and grasps a golf club on “Sun Stroke” and says, ”I added 57 yards and a rich, dark tan!”

Jokes aside (because we all know Ferrell can be funny), it does show a more serious side to the former “Saturday Night Live” star, whose new comedy flick “Land of the Lost” debuts in theaters this week. He met the charity’s founder and two-time cancer survivor Craig Pollard during their college days at University of Southern California. Ferrell has been a long-time supporter of the charity, hosting fundraising events since 2002.

Kylie sizzles in Cannes


cannes5Kylie Minogue’s music may not be to everyone’s taste, but she put on an impressive show late last night at a charity bash in Cannes. Sponsored by Chopard, the party suffered the same fate as other soirees at the film festival this year – the A-list was unusually short. That said, it was fun for the hundreds of mere mortals who did turn up.

In the blissfully uncrowded VIP area the Dom Perignon flowed freely all night, or at least until about 2 a.m. but by then it didn’t matter too much. Colleagues of mine who will remain nameless were quaffing from large tumblers — a crime against champagne if you ask me, but then, they didn’t seem to care what I thought.

In hot water, Miley Cyrus turns to … charity


miley-2.jpgIt’s an age-old solution for when a celebrity finds themselves in trouble with their fans — do charity work. For a while it seemed that nothing could stop the meteoric rise of fresh-faced Miley Cyrus, better known as “Hannah Montana.”  Then, she made the mistake of posing topless, wrapped in a satin sheet, in a photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine by celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. Cyrus, 15, has apologized to all her fans for an error in judgment and for letting them down, and she’s now out there with her mother to help a charity for women battling breast cancer.

miley-bag.jpgThe Libby Ross Foundation said Miley and Trish Cyrus were among a list of celebrity mothers and daughters helping raise funds for the charity by decorating yoga bags with Swarovski jewels that will be listed on eBay for sale from May 5-15. Other celebrities duos include Susan Sarandon and daughter Eva Amurri and Hayden Panettiere and her mother Lesley Panattiere.