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Pink pops off on Sarah Palin


rtx8jb5.jpgIt’s nothing new when a celebrity sounds off on a political candidate, but we did take notice at the particularly strong comments pop star Pink had for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in an interview she gave to to AOL’s

Pink, an animal rights activist, comments on Palin’s love of hunting, her view on abortion and her experience in foreign affairs. “She’s not of this time. This woman terrifies me,” Pink said of Palin. The rest can be found here.

palin.jpgWe weren’t concerned about the politics of it. But we did wonder whether a 29-year-old pop star like Pink influences her fans when and if they vote. Earlier this week, PopEater polled its readers with the same basic question asking “Do stars’ views on politics ever affect your decision in the voting booth?” Of roughly 116,000 respondents, 95 percent said “no” while only 5 percent said “yes.”

Still, it seems that when we mention on our own Reuters blogs that a star or celebrity has said this or that about a candidate — whether McCain or Obama — we tend to get a lot of comments. So, there’s definitely some interest.