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Chris Brown guilty? Popeaters think so


brownIs Chris Brown guilty of attacking Rihanna? A snap poll of readers at AOL website shows most people thinks so.A full 71 percent said they believe Brown did attack his girlfriend, Rihanna, in the early morning hours of Sunday ahead of the Grammy awards. Only 7 percent answered ”no.” Twenty-two percent said they had no idea, which is hopeful for all those who presume a person is innocent before being proven guilty.In fact, we don’t yet know 100 percent that it was Rihanna he attacked (yeah, right) because the Los Angeles police do not identify victims of domestic abuse. So far, the cops have said only that Brown attacked an unidentified woman, was arrested and later charged with making criminal threats. His actions of Sunday morning remain under investigation.Still, ever since both cancelled appearances at the Grammys, the buzz around Hollywood — never denied by anyone — has been that the singer of songs like “Umbrella” is the one whom Brown attacked. The question is less was she a victim, but more a victim of exactly what? While details have been splashed all over celebrity websites and magazines, no one except Brown and Rihanna truly know, and they aren’t talking — not publicly.Popeater also asked if Brown’s career — his hits include “Forever” and “Kiss Kiss” — is over, and it is hard to believe the 19 year-old’s fate is now and forever sealed as a pop singing has been. In fact, 63 percent of those responding to the poll believe he can make a comeback and only 27 percent said he’s finished. We’ve all seen a lot of celebrity scandals over the years and it seems most stars, after a stint or two in rehab, seem to be able to make it to back to some level of notoriety. Maybe Brown can get over this one, too.But we’ve had a lot of comments on our previous post on Brown and Rihanna, so we thought we’d take a stab (pardon the pun) at this question, too. Chris Brown, innocent or guilty or should we at least give him a chance to explain himself?