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UDPATE – Sheen’s “Torpedo” is a dud. What will he shoot now?


Conan1He’s no Conan O’Brien, Charlie Sheen.

But he did stage a comeback in Chicago.

Update — Following his Detroit  bomb, Charlie Sheen did what any respectable entertainer would do. He lived by the credo “the show must go on, ” and revamped his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” with a talk show format. Fans evidently liked it.

Charlie Sheen come’s back.

What Happened in Detroit? We covered here: Fans of the man with self-diagnosed “tiger’s blood” came to Detroit to cheer their hero in his one-man redemption show “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not An Option”. They wanted him to prove his “Adonis DNA” and take on the corporate entertainment titans who fired him. They wanted to see if he had kicked his drugs and drinks-fueled lifestyle at his in-home rehab clinic he calls “The Sober Valley Lodge.” They wanted comedy, perhaps a few songs. They wanted the real story behind Sheen’s Hollywood veil.

His show bombed. Read The Hollywood Reporter Review.

At Detroit’s Fox Theater, they got a water-sipping actor at a loss for how to perform live, riffing incoherent lines that must have played well with his entourage but failed to win fans. They got Sheen’s ramblings of how the TV star could lead them to all to personal salvation against the corporate “evil trolls.” His attempt to sound like a philosopher poet with verse such as “The kidnapped fingers of tiny child lose fast the grip of Thorian hammer” stirred only boredom in an audience that had come for a good time.

“They took my awesome children,” Sheen ranted on Saturday night. “They took my sometimes groovy job. They took my bitchin’ extra-galactic words inverted and then perverted them.”

Charlie Sheen could be ready to quiet down


SheenIt may be hard to believe after recent weeks of his rants on subjects ranging from “trolls” to “tiger blood” and the makers of his former hit sitcom “Two And A Half Men,” but Charlie Sheen says he is ready to give up on giving interviews to the media. Sheen, who was fired from his lucrative job as the star of the CBS show earlier this week, told the Dan Patrick radio program on Wednesday that it might be the last time he talks to a reporter.

“This could be my final interview, which is sort of symbolic because it’s where it all began and it’s where it all ends,” Sheen said, because “all they do is vilify me in their narrative speak.”

Sheen vs. Gaddafi – who has better value?


Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen or Muammar Gaddafi? Once thought to have nothing in common, the longtime Hollywood bad boy and embattled Libyan leader have not only topped the headlines this week, but popular culture blogs, news websites, media outlets and social networking sites. The Web has been abuzz with comparisons of both these colorful characters over who offers the better entertainment value for their outlandish quotes and in Gaddafi’s case, his unabashed fashion sense.

Britain’s The Guardian newspaper offered a much emailed quiz this week with 10 over-the-top quotes and a choice to pick in each case GaddafiSheen or Gaddafi, such as “I have defeated this earthworm, with my words.” Unless you have been following every development in each case, you might be surprised at what you get wrong.

Coco in, Charlie out, “Anarchy” ignored at Emmys!?


Revenge, as the saying goes, is a dish best served cold.conanpleased

And Conan O’Brien must surely be licking his lips with glee at winning an Emmy nomination for his short-lived version of “The Tonight Show,”  six months after NBC  handed the late night talk program back to frenemy Jay Leno.

O’Brien’s nomination in the variety show category even drew an audible gasp from the group of bleary-eyed journalists and publicists gathered at the Television Academy for the dawn announcement on Thursday.

Another Charlie Sheen car over the cliff


Another day.  Another pricey Charlie Sheen car ends up wrecked at the bottom of a Los Angeles canyon.  And another mystery heist.

charlie sheen2010

It’s the second time in five months that one of the “Two and a Half Men” star’s luxury cars has been driven out of the actor’s gated community in the middle of the night (without anyone apparently seeing anything suspicious)  and been driven off the side of  famed Mulholland Drive.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Double standards?



Two Hollywood stars.  Two different stories.

1) Former child star turns wild child, convicted of drunken driving, goes into rehab a few times, parties ’round the clock, gets dumped from at least one movie, plans role as porn queen — and becomes laughing stock of the celebrity media.

2) Middle-aged actor, three times married, plays raunchy womanizer, couple of stints in rehab, former client of notorious Hollywood Madam,  pulls knife on wife during drunken Christmas Day argument  –  and acharlie sheenlmost doubles salary to become highest-paid actor on TV.

CORRECTED – Denise Richards: Do you just love to hate her?



(In our Tuesday posting on Denise Richards’ show, we incorrectly referenced a posting on The’s web site. An Insider spokeswoman tells us on Wednesday the posting was not from its reporting staff but was a user’s posting in an open forum on its web site. We’ve deleted the reference to The Insider below and adjusted our posting to reflect the deletion.)   

In the incessant tug-of-war between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, it looks like good old Charlie gets the upper hand yet again. A day after Charlie announced that he and wife Brooke Mueller have a baby on the way, celebrity news outlets ran stories Tuesday citing an unnamed source as saying that cable network E! axed Denise Richards’ reality show, “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated,” after only one season. 

Recession? What recession? Just ask Charlie Sheen


sheen.jpgWhile most Americans are pinching pennies because of soaring food and gas prices, evidently Hollywood’s TV stars aren’t feeling much pain — at least not according to a recent TV Guide survey.  

TV Guide’s poll of America’s top-paid TV actors named Charlie Sheen as the highest-paid prime-time TV star in Hollywood with an annual salary of around $20 million for his role on “Two and a Half Men.”