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The recording Christian Bale WANTS you to hear


A contrite but humorous Christian Bale called into an L.A. radio station on Friday to apologize for his expletive-laced tirade on the set of “Terminator Salvation” that has circulated all week on audio tape form, and the actor also gave his version of what happened that July day when the outburst was recorded.   Bale

“I know I have a potty mouth, everybody knows that now,” Bale told radio station KROQ. “But I understand this is live so please don’t worry, I will behave.”

And Bale apologized, pleading with listeners to not write off the new “Terminator” movie because of the outburst.

“I was out of order beyond belief, I was way out of order, I acted like a punk, I regret that and there is nobody that has heard that tape that is hit harder by it than me,” Bale said, as KROQ radio personality Lisa May cooed in sympathy.

Christian Bale: the fallout continues


bale(Writing and reporting by Alex Dobuzinskis)

Actor Christian Bale’s expletive-laced tirade on the set of the upcoming action movie “Terminator Salvation” has been the talk of Hollywood this week. The widely heard audio tape from that verbal explosion has been remixed into a dance song and has inspired a T-Shirt

But on Wednesday, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton linked to perhaps the most creative product of the audio remix cottage industry that has resulted from Bale’s blow-up. It’s a mashup of the Bale tape and footage of television commentator Bill O’Reilly losing his cool on the set of his news program. Be warned, audio from ”Batman” Bale’s tirade is not exactly family friendly.
The recording of Bale’s outburst was first posted at celebrity news site Bale reportedly lost his temper on the set of “Terminator Salvation” when the director of photography interrupted a scene the actor was playing in.
Hollywood has a long history of on-set tirades and grudge matches. What’s new is that the Internet provides a place to hear exactly how bad Hollywood’s bad boys and girls can be. Does that mean actors like Bale will keep their behavior in check next time? Don’t bet on it.

New “Terminator” movie gets L.A. preview


PEOPLE-BALE/For the first three “Terminator” movies, nuclear destruction and an epic war between man and machines loomed in the future. “Terminator Salvation,” the next installment in the saga due out on May 22, takes everything up to the year 2018, and it features plenty of newfangled machinery.

In a preview on Wednesday night in Los Angeles, the movie’s director McG (given name Joseph McGinty Nichol) played for a small audience scenes from the upcoming film.

“It’s a private matter,” Christian Bale insists on assault allegations


rtx87gv_comp.jpgIf “Batman” actor Christian Bale, who’s in Tokyo promoting blockbuster “The Dark Knight”, was hoping for a reprieve from being dogged by assault allegations made by his mother and sister, he came to the wrong place.

Since making a public appearance in the Japanese capital on Monday, the 34-year-old Welsh-born performer has been asked by reporters about the allegations, which he has already denied after spending several hours at a London police station last week before being released without charge. 

Bail for Bale – Batman the Bizarre


bale.jpgIt’s so strange it could make the plot of a Batman sequel.

Welsh-born actor Christian Bale has issued a statement denying allegations of assault made against him by his own mother and sister while he was in London for the European premiere of “The Dark Knight”, in which he plays Batman alongside the late Heath Ledger’s Joker.

He was at a London police station for around four hours on Tuesday answering questions about the alleged incident, and apparently escaped the waiting camera crews and paparazzi by whizzing out through the back entrance in a van with darkened windows.

“Dark Knight” gets thumbs up from Heath Ledger’s parents


ledger.jpgThe new Batman movie “The Dark Knight” has already impressed critics in advance of its Friday opening, but at its New York premier, the family of late Australian actor Heath Ledger gave the film their mark of approval. 
The performance of Ledger  as Batman’s nemesis The Joker has sparked speculation among critics that he could win an Oscar posthumously.
Kim Ledger attended the premier of his son’s movie in New York on Monday with his wife, Ines, who was Heath’s step-mother. The actor’s mother, Sally Bell, and his sister, Kate Ledger, also attended. The only close family not there was Ledger’s  former partner Michelle Williams, and mother of his daughter, Matilda.

After the movie, the Ledgers released a statement quoted in various media outlets saying: “‘The Dark Knight’ is everything we hoped it would be and more. Heath loved the experience of creating this character and working on the film. We are so proud of our boy.”
Kim Ledger also reportedly gave a thumbs-up sign at the premier when asked what he thought of “Dark Knight.”
Ledger, 28,  died alone in his Manhattan apartment in January from an accidental overdose of prescription medications. If Ledger is nominated for an Oscar for his role as The Joker, it would not be his first. He also won a nomination for his role as a gay cowboy in the 2005 film “Brokeback Mountain.”

“Dark Knight” whips up strong advance ticket sales


joker.jpgSince before the summer movie season began in May, new Batman movie “The Dark Knight,” starring Christian Bale, has been one of the most anticipated films by movie fans. With good early reviews and an apparently strong performance by Heath Ledger as Batman’s nemesis The Joker, fan interest keeps growing.

Online ticket seller Fandango said on Wednesday that its advance ticket sales for the film are on pace to blast past blockbusters like “Iron Man” and “Sex and the City” — two of the summer’s biggest box office hits.