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Lindsay Lohan’s birthday bash


lohan puzzled Lindsay Lohan apparently got more than she bargained for while out clubbing early on her 24th birthday.

” A waitress just hit me — punched me for no reason,” Lohan said in a Twitter message shortly after midnight.

Lohan, complete with her alcohol-monitoring anklet, was photographed by paparazzi shortly after leaving the LA club but had no apparent injuries and no elaboration on what happened.

The only explanation forthcoming – from unidentified sources — was that the “Mean Girls” actress was hanging out at the club with reality TV personality Doug Reinhardt and the waitress took exception.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. Double standards?



Two Hollywood stars.  Two different stories.

1) Former child star turns wild child, convicted of drunken driving, goes into rehab a few times, parties ’round the clock, gets dumped from at least one movie, plans role as porn queen — and becomes laughing stock of the celebrity media.

2) Middle-aged actor, three times married, plays raunchy womanizer, couple of stints in rehab, former client of notorious Hollywood Madam,  pulls knife on wife during drunken Christmas Day argument  –  and acharlie sheenlmost doubles salary to become highest-paid actor on TV.