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The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn talks about lyrics


Buzz band The Hold Steady combines a classic-rock sound with druggy coming-of-holdsteady.jpgage tales set in singer Craig Finn’s native Minneapolis. Characters with names like Gideon and Hallelujah stagger through nightclubs and parties, cropping up from song to song and album to album. 

We talked to Finn recently for a story, and below he answers some additional questions about his creative process.

Q: Many of your songs feature recurring characters and recurring themes. When you set out to write lyrics for a record, do you think ‘OK, this is going to be the theme for this record’?

A: Absolutely. … I tend to think of things in albums. Much more than I think a lot of bands would today. When it kind of comes out, I think, what am I trying to say with this album?”