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Desperate Dan does the London catwalk


fashion-week.jpgI’ve faced gun-toting rebels, driven through sand storms in Iraq and landed backwards on an aircraft carrier at 200 miles an hour, but had anything in my 16-year career as a Reuters correspondent really prepared me to face the withering stares and tight smiles in the hostile battleground of London Fashion Week?

Like any correspondent trained for war, I considered my protective body armour: an old Savile Row suit (bought on sale years ago), white double cuff shirt (still stain-free!), Hermes tie acquired nearly a decade ago and a worryingly scruffy pair of black shoes with flapping soles.

Not exactly haute couture for men, but then I was going to cover women’s fashion. Would they really care?

The pre-contact jitters began long before I pitched up on Monday at London’s Natural History Museum, where the British Fashion Council holds its twice-yearly festival of fashion labels, models, designers and buyers.