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Will’s “So You Think You Can Dance” exit. Travesty or justice?


Were you stunned by Will Wingfield’s departure on “So You Think You Can Dance”, or did you predict a well-deserved upset?

Whether Will’s demise was a travesty or poetic justice depends on who you ask. Purists are no doubt appalled that arguably the best male dancer this season even ended up in the bottom four. Yet for fans who’ve bristled all season at the judges’ effusive gushing over renowned choreographer Debbie Allen’s protege, it may have simply turned them off Will altogether. debbie.jpg

But viewers now have the upper hand, and the votes, and Will may have been hindered by his relative lack of stage charisma compared to Twitch, Mark Kanemura and Joshua Allen.

The voter backlash may also explain why Mark is inexplicably still safe (much to his own shock — his incredulous expression was perhaps the best moment of the night).