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Disney’s “Small World” expands


It’s not such a small world anymore.

One of  the Disneyland theme park’s oldest and most beloved attractions — “It’s a Small World” -reopens on Friday after a make-over and the addition of 29 Disney and Pixar characters including Lilo and Stitch, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan to the cast of familiar child dolls from around the world.FP

Disney says some “subtle theme music” from Disney and Pixar films has also been woven into the familiar song that plays during the gentle boat ride that has been celebrating the children of the world and their message of peace and harmony since 1966.

On the refurbished ride, Mulan appears in the scene representing China, dolls dressed in Aladdin and Jasmine costumes ride a flying carpet in the Middle East scene, Alice (in Wonderland) shows up in the London scene and Woody and Jessie of “Toy Story” fame appear in a new “Spirt of America” attraction.

Disney said the changes were subtle and were made as part of a general refurbishment of the ride, including replacing a leaky water channel and the ageing boats.