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DJ AM’s death a classic case of drug relapse


Toxicology reports for celebrity disc jockey Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, who died of an apparent drug overdose in New York on Friday, aren’t due back for a couple of weeks. But addiction-medicine specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky is in no doubt about what killed his friend. He told listeners of his syndicated “Loveline” radio show Sunday that Goldstein — a long-time recovering addict who was serious about maintaining sobriety — was battling a terminal illness with a worse prognosis than cancer. 

drdrewGoldstein was likely — and appropriately — put on prescription medications to help him deal with post-traumatic stress disorder following a fatal plane crash last September, said Pinsky. 

The Board-certified physician and author is pictured at left in an undated photo taken from his MySpace page with Goldstein (center) and Los Angeles radio DJ Ted Stryker (right). 

“I don’t know how severe his symptoms were, but sometimes it’s reasonable to take a risk with that if somebody is in real misery,” Pinsky said. “Our job is not to make people miserable. But he stayed on those medicines, and I cannot tell you how frequently I see that take people out.