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Everyone knows documentary filmmakers get the short end of the stick. They spend years scraping together budgets, going on rough shoots in poor countries or places that throw them into jail, and when it comes to Oscar time, they’re the ones that keep smiling as they compete for attention with other such serious topics such as who is wearing what label.

But can docs really change things? Watch these videos of the two favorites to win the best documentary feature Oscar, directors Louie Psihoyos of “The Cove” and Robert Kenner from “Food, Inc.” who talk about the long road to their official Academy Award reception for the best documentary shorts and features that was held Wednesday night. More than six months after both films had their U.S. release, Kenner continues to battle big U.S. companies over bad food practices, and Psihoyos knows some dolphins are still being captured in Japan for marine amusement parks and killed for food, not to mention both continually competing for box office from audiences who prefer lighter fare at the cinema.

But grin and laugh they still do. Kenner says he is optimistic about the Oscars helping draw more attention to a food safety bill currently running through U.S. congress. While Psihoyos, who says he has a warrant out for his arrest in Japan, chuckles in the midst of blinking lights and evidently, an empty stomach. More sympathies anyone?