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Oscar goes to the dogs?



Mickey Rourke has been vocal in recent weeks about his affection for his dogs, and he must be devastated by the death of his Chihuahua Loki.

Celebrities don’t usually bring their dogs along to the leading red carpets of the world but when they do — as Rourke did at the Venice film festival last year — their choices of breed can be surprising.  Who, for instance would have matched Rourke, with his background in boxing, with a tiny Chihuahua?



USA/We’re not sure which of the other leading Oscar nominees already owns a dog.  But we wondered what a fantasy parade of celebrities and their canine friends might look like on Sunday’s big night.

Which dog would you choose as the potential best friend of  Sean Penn,  Meryl Streep,  Anne Hathaway or Angelina Jolie?