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Dr. Klein has his say in court, but not for long


dr-arnold-klein1During a court hearing on Monday to deal with issues surrounding the guardianship of Michael Jackson’s children and the administration of his estate, one episode stood out from a morass of legal maneuverings, when an attorney representing Jackson’s dermatologist asked to be heard.

Ears pricked up in the courtroom and the level of tension rose, as attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan made his case for why Dr. Arnold Klein deserves a say in health, education and welfare issues related to Jackson’s children.

Klein has been the subject of unconfirmed rumors that he was the sperm donor for Jackson’s two children with nurse Debbie Rowe, who was married to Jackson from 1996 to 1999. The children are Prince, 12, and Paris, 11, while a third child nicknamed Blanket, 7, was carried by a surrogate mother who has never been identified.

But Kaplan did not confirm those rumors, at least not within earshot of the dozens of reporters covering the proceedings. “Legally, your honor, he’s not a presumed parent,” Kaplan told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff