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Owen Wilson put to the test


owen3.jpgOwen Wilson’s popularity gets put to the test this weekend when his new movie, comedy ”Drillbit Taylor,” lands in theaters. Aimed at a young audience, Wilson portrays a cheap bodyguard hired by three young boys to protect them from a schoolyard bully.

“Drillbit” is the first movie to open in which Wilson, 39, has been the leading star since he was hospitalized in Los Angeles in August last year when it was widely reported that he had tried to commit suicide. Only his closest friends and family know exactly what happened because Wilson has avoided the media since then. During his hospitalization, his publicist released a statement from him in which he asked for time to “heal in private,” but the statement said little else.

Typically, a star of his calibre would be expected to sit for media interviews to promote his movie ahead of its debut, but Wilson’s lips have been sealed. Did he really take an overdose of pills? Did he cut his wrists? Both those details have been widely reported, and no doubt his fans want to know.

More important for Hollywood watchers is whether those fans, who have made his movies like “Wedding Crashers” ($285 million global box office) big hits, will turn out for this latest movie? Or, will they turn away? After all, it is owen2.jpgshow business, and if he cannot continue bringing fans to theaters, his career could turn south.