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Recovering from Michael Jackson’s death as easy as A-B-C?


jackson_fansA Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist who says she has personally struggled with grief over Michael Jackson’s death on June 25 has created a special “therapeutic system” to help the King of Pop’s fans cope with the loss of their icon.

Elizabeth Farr calls her therapy “ABC” in tribute to the early Jackson 5 hit song and says she came up with the idea while treating some 10 grieving Michael Jackson fans in her practice in Los Angeles.

“When so many of my clients expressed difficulty dealing with the death of Michael Jackson I decided to formalize a therapeautic approach to help people move forward with their lives after losing someone that meant so much to them for so many years,” Farr said.

“Michael Jackson’s passing is not just another celebrity death,” Farr said. “Many people are having trouble coping with the sudden loss of Michael Jackson and are finding it difficult to perform every day life tasks.  This therapeautic approach helps people get back on track with their lives.”