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Can Tempah turn BRIT nods into awards?


PlantHe’s leader of the pack in terms of BRIT nominations tonight, but can London rapper Tinie Tempah convert them into prizes when the awards ceremony is held on Feb. 15? Bookmakers would have us believe that British pop’s biggest night could be one of disappointment, not delirium, with Ladbrokes backing the 22-year-old to scoop just one of his four nods, and arguably the least prestigious of them all — Best Breakthrough Act.

Not that the category is unimportant — a BRIT is a BRIT after all, and, after a Grammy, perhaps music’s most coveted statuette. But when you think that Tempah is in the running for best male solo, best British single and, most important of all, best British album, a Breakthrough prize alone may not be enough to keep him happy.

Elsewhere, the highlight of the nominations has to be Robert Plant, 40 years Tempah’s senior but a giant of rock as Led Zeppelin lead singer and, shockingly, a first-time BRIT nominee, according to the organisers. Given the huge success of his solo career after Led Zeppelin ceased to be, it seems almost scandalous. Not a whole lot of love for the singer among voting members, obviously, and the possibility of a heartbreaker if he doesn’t win. Or could it be celebration day? Enough bad Led Zeppelin puns.

Feuding stars Eminem, Mariah Carey “Obsessed” with each other


If President Obama still has some Bud Light in the fridge after his “beer summit” Thursday to defuse racial tensions, he might want to mediate an even bigger crisis: The escalating feud between Mariah Carey and Eminem. 

eminemLong after the stars may or may not have had a brief romantic entanglement, they have been sniping at each other in song. In the latest development, Eminem on Thursday released a new track “The Warning,” in which he goes into explicit — often embarrassing — details about their alleged fling in 2001. (Carey has said it never happened.) 

Bruno butts in to Eminem


eminemWas it a stunt or was it planned?

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Bruno, could hardly have chosen a better lap than rapper Eminem’s to land in — face first with his bare butt up in Eminem’s face – on Sunday night’s MTV Movie Awards.

Even the most inventive publicist surely could not have planned the apparently unscripted close encounter between the outrageous “Borat” star’s backside and the mug of the Detroit rapper once accused of homophobia in his lyrics. It had to be an accident. Or…??

Eminem’s wish comes true as Lindsay Lohan, galpal split


eminem2Lindsay Lohan’s breakup with celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson is good news for Eminem, who eloquently expresses his passion for the actress in his new video. 
The reclusive rapper took a swipe at the couple in “We Made You,” which was released on Tuesday, days after the women broke up.
In one scene, Eminem is driving a big rig while Lohan and Ronson lookalikes are making out next to him.
“He does not mean to lesbian offend, but Lindsay please come back to seeing men,” Eminem intones in his rapid clipped style. “Samantha’s a two, you’re practically a 10. I know you want me, girl. In fact I see you grin.”
Declaring that he’s “looking for more women to torture,” Eminem also claims he would be a better lover for actress Portia de Rossi than her wife Ellen DeGeneres. He also fantasizes about Sarah Palin, while a scantily clad lookalike of the former vice-presidential candidate poses seductively on her desk. 
Other targets of Eminem’s rapier wit include tabloid starlet Kim Kardashian, and singers Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Amy Winehouse.
“You think that’s bad. You should hear the rest of my album. Never has there been such finesse and nostalgia,” he promises in the video.
That album, “Relapse,” the follow-up to his 2004 release “Encore” is due in stores on May 19.