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“Grace,” a movie to faint for!


PREMIEREIn the wee hours of Saturday morning at the Sundance Film Festival’s midnight screening of horror/thriller film “Grace,” two audience members fainted. Now, that’s what we call a movie!

The story tells of a woman whose  baby dies in her womb, but she continues to carry it to term preferring to opt for a stillborn birth. When the baby is born, the mother somehow wills it to life. Yet, evil is afoot in the life of this miracle child. Sound scary? Apparently it is.

As the film’s backers at Leomax Entertainment tell it, one fan left the midnight screening of “Grace” in a rush to get outside but passed out before reaching the front door. A second fan made it and for a moment felt fine, then dropped like a brick. Ambulances were called,  and in the end all was okay.

Did the fright fest cause them to pass out? Or, was it simply too hot in the theater? Or, did the moviegoers suffer from something other than an apparent panic attack? We’ll never really know. But the twist in the screening of horror/thriller “Grace” does make for a good yarn.