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George Clooney: My Italian villa is not for sale!


Poor George. If it’s not his latest girlfriend the celebrity media is speculating about, it’s got to be his fondness for living in Italy. Clooney shoeWe can empathize, somewhat, because we spend a lot of time chasing George Clooney stories — some, not so true.

Today’s latest was that Clooney was selling his mansion at Lake Como in Italy. The story was picked up in a lot of newspapers, including here. Some sites said David Beckham was going to buy it. Read one of those, here. The problem is, it’s simply not true, says Clooney.

The Oscar-winning movie star on Wednesday answered the reports of an impending sale of his home with a statement from his Los Angeles spokesman that reads:

“A story saying that George Clooney was sellig his Italian home in Lake Como and was going to by a home in Loreto Island, which is near Lake Como, has been republished in one form or another by various outlets. According to Clooney, ‘To complete the news cycle. I’m not buying an island and am not selling my house in Italy. The story was made up…then picked up…and now denied…end of another day of false news.”