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Fans seek midnight romance under light of “New Moon”


lautner2Fans lined up Thursday night at movie theaters to be among the first to get bitten by the “New Moon” phenomenon, the sequel to last year’s “Twilight.” The vampire romance movie ended up setting a box office record of $26.3 million for those midnight screenings by drawing fans like the ones profiled in our Fan Fare video below.

Who will go to “New Moon?” Lots of teen girls, for sure, but also moms who are into the story, young women and the men they drag along on dates. Those groups are expected to snap up tickets to the tune of about $100 million at U.S. and Canadian box offices this weekend. That’s a lot of howling at the “New Moon.”

“New Moon,” of course, has generated plenty of buzz. Tracking firm Trendrr said that in the last three months, more than 100,000 “New Moon” related videos have been added to Trendrr also said that on Thursday, received more than 91,000 posts related to “New Moon.”

But despite all that popularity, the Vatican is not on-board. This week, an official with the Catholic Church called the film “nothing more than a moral vacuum with a deviant message.” This despite influential film critic Roger Ebert saying that the “Twilight Saga is an extended metaphor for teen chastity.” Who to believe?

“Dancing” loses its DeLay


Apparently, battling bug infestations and stubborn members of Congress is easier than making two bum feet do the Cha-cha-cha, as Tom DeLay has bowed out of “Dancing with the Stars.”tom-delay

Of all the contestants on this season’s “Dancing,” DeLay definitely got the most attention when the cast was announced. But it turns out, he may not be missed all that much.

Director Kevin Smith steels self for 24-hour Twitter marathon


(Note: some strong language in quote and book title)

Filmmaker Kevin Smith has some faithful fans, the kind of movie buffs who — at least in the online world — would love to have an all-night chat with Silent Bob, Smith’s movie screen alter ego, ironically named because Smith is anything but silent.  In fact, Smith is loquacious enough to fulfill hiskevin-smith1 fans’ desire for nonstop conversation, by planning for a 24-hour Twitter marathon of questions-and-answers on Monday.

In a release announcing the “event,” Smith joked that he has spent a long time prepping for this day.

Jackson’s Neverland fans: They came, they waited, now they can Beat It


neverland-ranch1When the family of Michael Jackson on Wednesday told the world to expect no public memorial at Neverland Valley Ranch, it came too late for the many fans and journalists who, in the hopes of seeing the King of Pop one last time, rushed to take up residence near his former retreat in central California.

Hotels in the area quickly booked up after media reports on Tuesday that said Jackson’s body would come to Neverland. A representative from one inn told celebrity website TMZ that it sold out in 20 minutes when the news broke. Authorities in the area braced for a crowd of mourners, and the inevitable overload of the rural area’s small road network.