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“Funny People” finds darkness, “G-Force” light at box offices


funny-people“Funny People,” the new Judd Apatow (“Knocked Up”, “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”) starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen, failed to perform as strongly at U.S. box offices this past weekend as Apatow’s and Sandler’s most recent movies.

In the Monday morning analysis that always follows weekend box office watching, it would seem that the message about the dark nature of “Funny People” got out — it tells of a standup comedian who learns he is terminally ill – and as audiences have repeatedly shown this past year during the recession, they decided they wanted lighter fare – real laughs, not those that come mixed with tears. “Funny People” took in just $22.7 million, according to final data issued Monday, compared to pre-weekend forecasts that ranged from the low $20 millions to $30 million. You can read our box office story here.

Along that thinking, escapist fantasy “Harry Potter” landed No. 2 with $17.7 million in its third weekend and animated comedy “G-Force,” was close behind at $17.1 million. In only 10 days, “G-Force” has grossed $66.5 million — a nice sum for a movie about a squad of guinea pigs looking to stop an evil billionaire planning world domination. Now that’s funny.

We were out on Hollywood Boulevard again this past weekend to ask people what they thought of the weekend’s new movies. Below is the video in which one fan gives a nod to one of this summer’s indie breakouts, “The Hurt Locker” which is set in Iraq, and that just shows there is an audience for adult-oriented movies with dark themes — just not a mass movie megaplex market.

From “Potter” to “Proposal,” some fan favorites at the movies


Disney’s animated family flm “G-Force” took the U.S. box office crown over the weekend, just barelypotter1 squeaking by the new “Harry Potter” movie. Last week, we were in Florida talking to fans about their favorite movies, and this past weekend, we were back on Hollywood boulevard. Here’s what some of them said about their favorite flicks of recent weeks.

(video by Marc Price)