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Last look at Gary Coleman, not a pretty picture


Coleman We’ve seen the Gary Coleman deathbed photo, too, and the picture at the left is not it.  If you haven’t seen the picture, it is at the Globe Magazine’s website, but we don’t feel compelled to provide the link.

The photograph of “Diff’rent Strokes” star Coleman that, earlier this week,  said to have been taken with the collusion of his ex-wife Shannon Price, was published by the tabloid on Wednesday. Why even mention it? In large part because it’s hard to ignore, even amid the rest of the circus surrounding Coleman’s death. But also because, perhaps, it could serve as a cautionary tale of fame and money — or the lack thereof.

What we were most struck by with the Globe’s story was not the picture itself or the fact that Price is in it, staring at the camera clearly knowing someone was snapping a photo, but the headline. “Gary Coleman It Was Murder”  And underneath that “Wife Shannon sobs: I didn’t push him.”

If Price did sell the photo to the Globe, as has been widely reported, what was she thinking? She doesn’t come off looking too good, in our opinion. Many reports have said she needed the money, but there are many other ways to get money.  This one, just seems sad, at best.