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“Ides of March” stars play politics, or not, at TIFF


George Clooney and Ryan Gosling at TIFF

Politics may make for good films, but don’t expect the stars of “The Ides of March” to run for office any time soon.

George Clooney, who directs and stars as governor Mike Morris in the political drama, has already said he isn’t interested in a real-life political career.

As for Ryan Gosling, who plays the central role of press attache Stephen Myers in the film about the U.S. Democratic primary race, when asked at the TIFF press conference on Friday if he would ever consider throwing his hat in the political ring, his answer was a blunt “No”.

Not even a little joke.

This from the man who earlier compared Clooney’s directing style to watching the birth of a unicorn. Perhaps working on a film about the dirty side of politics has made a cynic of the Canadian actor.

from Global News Journal:

George Clooney, UN Security Council descend on Sudan


George Clooney has been roughing it recently, on the latest of his trips to Sudan to highlight the problems there. 

The Hollywood superstar and U.N. Goodwill Ambassador was touring semi-autonomous south Sudan ahead of a planned January 2011 referendum on whether southerners in Africa's biggest country should secede from the Khartoum-led north. Tensions are high because of fears the plebiscite could be delayed, sparking a new war between the predominantly Muslim north and the heavily animist and Christian south.

Mad Men, Modern Family win top Emmys as fresh faces abound


The Emmys got off to a fun start at 5 p.m. local time with organizers getting six of the comedy categories out of the way at the outset. But first: the requisite intro, which is sure to mortify Bruce Springsteen’s stoic fans.

emjimmy5:05 p.m. Jimmy Fallon does Bruce Springsteen in a Glee-style version of “Born to Run.” He grabs Jane Lynch’s breasts, as she sings “Strap your hands across my engines.” A few minutes later, he ditches the Boss-style blue jeans and white-T for a tuxedo, and gets in the first Conan joke, asking “what can possibly go wrong?” when he relates how NBC asked him to host a late-night show. Camera pans to O’Brien, whose late version of “The Tonight Show” is nominated for best variety, music or comedy series.

Tom Cruise tipped to play film version of John Edwards


The tale of John Edwards’  personal and political downfall will be coming to a movie theater near you.johnedwards

But who will play the disgraced politician?

Aaron Sorkin, best known for penning the hit White House drama series “The West Wing” has bought the rights to the book penned by Andrew Young — the former aide to the Democratic presidential hopeful throughout his affair with Rielle Hunter.

George Clooney: My Italian villa is not for sale!


Poor George. If it’s not his latest girlfriend the celebrity media is speculating about, it’s got to be his fondness for living in Italy. Clooney shoeWe can empathize, somewhat, because we spend a lot of time chasing George Clooney stories — some, not so true.

Today’s latest was that Clooney was selling his mansion at Lake Como in Italy. The story was picked up in a lot of newspapers, including here. Some sites said David Beckham was going to buy it. Read one of those, here. The problem is, it’s simply not true, says Clooney.

“Avatar”, “Precious”, Clooney, Cruz? Who should get movie awards?


The Hollywood awards season is shaping up nicely after a week of  critics awards and nominations for top movies and performances from the  Golden Globes organizers and the Screen Actors Guild.AVTR-2z26

So far , the movies with the biggest momentum behind them seem to be “Up in the Air”, with George Clooney,  harrowing  urban tale “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”,  Quentin Tarantino’s  summer box office hit war fantasy “Inglourious Basterds”,  the much-talked about sci-fi epic  “Avatar”, glittering musical “Nine”,  Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker” and  British coming of age movie “An Education”.

Directors direct via email and iChat


foxTwo movies — one complete and one in the works — have underlined how technology is changing the way films are made.

Wes Anderson partly directed his animated “Fantastic Mr. Fox” using a computer, streaming images from multiple animation sets live on to a screen in front of him, allowing him to guide animators from another room, town, or, more often, country. That guidance often came in the form of emails, something which did not endear the film maker to some of the animators, according to a recent piece in the L.A. Times. George Clooney provided the voice of Mr. Fox, and London’s Three Mills Studios carried out the paintstaking, old-fashioned stop-motion animation.

Clooney, Reitman are “Up In the Air.” Audiences are over the moon


reitman1A Hollywood studio probably could not ask for a better beginning to an Oscar campaign than Paramount Pictures currently is getting for director Jason Reitman’s “Up in the Air.”

All of you who’ve been reading Reuters and Fan Fare this past two weeks know that we are currently at the beginning of the film industry’s award season, and smack in the middle of the final of three festivals that launch Academy Award campaigns — at Telluride, Colorado, Venice, Italy, and here in Toronto, Canada.

Another embarrassing press conference moment


clooneySeeing reporters humiliate themselves in front of major Hollywood stars is nothing new at film festivals around the world. The appearance of an A-lister, male or female, tends to bring out the worst in journalists who variously express their undying love or ask for hands in marriage. Usually the star in question laughs off the comments, and tries to turn the conversation back to the film he or she is in town to promote.

Today’s press conference involving George Clooney and Ewan McGregor, who star together in the comedy “The Men Who Stare at Goats” was more embarrassing than usual, however. After tactfully avoiding a question about his sexuality, Clooney then looked on while a man, announcing he was gay, proceeded to take of his shirt and trousers while declaring his love for the actor and asking him for a kiss. To make matters worse, he had not even seen the film.

If Hollywood were high school, Robert Pattinson would be …


robert-pattinsonHollywood is all about popularity, just like that other institution — high school. So, in the spirit of all things popular, movie ticket website has released its “Celebrity Yearbook Awards,” based on votes from fans about which stars they think are the most likely to succeed, and which ones already made their mark one way or another.

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson and “Grey Gardens” actress Drew Barrymore were named “most popular” in the survey of about 1,000 movie fans.