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Clooney returns to “ER” — did he bring his bedside manner?


george-cGeorge Clooney finally did put his scrubs on again for ”ER” — but only faithful viewers of the hospital drama would have known because of a curious lack of promotion over what had been a long-hoped for return by the show’s biggest star.

Clooney’s turn as (Dr Doug Ross) — still happily married to Nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Marguiles) — brought struggling NBC a welcome ratings boost. 

But how many more millions would have tuned in had they known that George  was putting in an appearance that night?

Robert Seidman  on the TV by the Numbers Web site  speculated that Clooney may only have agreed to do the show again if NBC promised not to use him for promotional purposes.  But Clooney’s people denied that, while NBC were tight-lipped.

Pfeiffer ‘felt like an alien’ until acting came along


michelleMichelle Pfeiffer said she felt like “an alien” before discovering a home in acting.

At another one of the Berlin Film Festival’s notoriously entertaining news conferences with all sorts of unusual questions and answers (who can forget George Clooney calling one journalist a jerk for criticising his film at one press conference a few years ago), the American actress also revealed she only bothers taking care of her appearance when she’s out of the house but otherwise doesn’t really care what she looks like.

One last emergency for “ER”s Clooney and Margulies?


FILM-VENICE/Have the producers of  hospital drama “ER” finally manged to entice George Clooney back for the closing episodes of the final season?

If celebrity Web site reports are true — and NBC is firmly declining to confirm them so far — Clooney’s heartthrob Dr. Doug Ross has been spotted filming scenes for “ER” in Los Angeles this week, and so has his old on-screen flame,  nurse Carol Hathaway, played by Juliana Margulies.

Stars in Venice love Obama, but not too much


brad.jpgBarack Obama won yet more celebrity endorsements at the Venice film festival this year, although whether he would welcome them or not is a different matter.

From the very first press conference, stars from Hollywood who came to the canal city to promote their movies voiced support for the Democratic presidential candidate, although in the case of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, they were careful not to steal too much of the political limelight from Obama.

Marriage for Clooney, kids for Pitt? Jokes, bad questions fly


clooney.jpgWhen some reporters come face to face with A-list celebrities, their brains turn to mush.

Take this morning’s press conference at the Venice film festival. George Clooney and Brad Pitt were among the stars taking questions following the first screening of their latest movie “Burn After Reading”, directed by the Coen brothers.

George Clooney dazzles hometown crowd


clooney2.jpgIt’s rare that anyone gets a hometown parade in their honor and even more rare that a person gets a hometown movie premiere — unless that person is George Clooney.

Monday night Clooney was in Maysville, Kentucky where his family hails from — his great grandfather was the mayor – for a special screening of his new football movie, “Leatherheads,” and Clooney told Reuters on Tuesday that he had a great time. He even saw the gal he took to his sophomore prom.