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Getting Glee -ful with Madonna, Vogue and Sue Sylvester


Musical lynchTV comedy “Glee” might be centered on a group of high school misfits, but devious cheerleading coach Sue  Sylvester  is likely to be stealing the show for the next couple of weeks with her “Vogue”  mini video homage to Madonna.

Sylvester, played by actress Jane Lynch, stars in the three-minute video in the highly-anticipated April 20 episode devoted to cover versions of Madonna hits. But fans will get a sneak preview on Tuesday night when “Glee” returns to U.S. TV screens after a four month absence.

The “Vogue” video focuses on the snarkymadonna Sylvester getting a Madonna-like makeover from Glee club students Kurt and Mercedes. It is  described by Fox as a shot-by-shot recreation of Madonna’s own black and white  music video for her 1990 hit single.

The original Madonna video recalled the look of 1930 Hollywood glamor and was voted No.5  in a 2006 MTV list of the “Top 100 Videos That Broke The Rules”.

Fox gets “Glee” cast to tweet along to rerun on TV


Reruns can be boring, even with a highly anticipated show like Fox’s high school musical comedy “Glee.” But the network has a new idea for the one-hour rerun of its pilot episode airing tonight at 9 p.m., which is positioned to build fan interest for the season premier on Wednesday.glee_tweetpeat_press_300dpi

Cast members of the show will answer questions from fans on social networking website Twitter, and their short responses will appear on television in the lower part of the screen. They will also offer up insights on their own, at least as much as Twitter allows a person to say with its 140 digital character limit.