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Pandora judged top HollyWord of ’09


Cameron“Avatar” didn’t win the Oscar for best film, but it’s director James Cameron can take some solace in knowing that the name, Pandora, of the planet in his movie was judged the top Hollywood word, or HollyWord, of 2009 by the Global Language Monitor, which tracks such things.

Cameron’s fictional planet topped the words “Hurt Locker,” referring to the movie that did win best film, “The Hurt Locker;” Another Oscar movie, “Crazy Heart,” spawned the third most-popular HollyWord, Barley Pop, which was used in the film as a euphemism for beer.

Last year’s No. 1 HollyWord, “Jai Ho,” came from another Oscar winner, “Slumdog Millionaire.” Winners of past years include “High Five!!! It’s sexy time!” from the “Borat” movie and “Wardrobe Malfunction” from singer Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl costume problem.