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John Mayer apologizes again. But is it enough?


Some people may have heard enough from “Gravity” singer John Mayer this week after his expletive-filled Playboy johnmayermagazine interview and  his (too much information! )  musings on black women, pornography,  ex-lovers Jessica Simpson and  Jennifer Aniston,  as well as  dropping the “N” word bomb.

It seems Mayer agrees with them.  After issuing an apology via Twitter, Mayer broke down on stage towards the end of his concert in Nashville on Wednesday telling fans he had fallen into a “wormhole of selfishness, greediness and arrogance”  in his quest to “be clever” and that he now wanted to get back to just being a musician.

“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done,” a choked-up Mayer told the audience in Nashville in footage now posted  on YouTube.  “I just want to play my guitar.”

By all accounts, it was an emotional ending to the concert and even had some of Mayer’s  band choking up. According to one fan at the show, one of Mayer’s black female back-up singers was crying as Mayer praised his band for standing by him  “because they support myself as a possible future grown-up.” .

Jimmy Page, Jack White vexed by music videogames


Videogames like Rock Band and Guitar Hero may be one of the few bright lights in the flailing music industry, but real-life guitar heroes like Jimmy Page and Jack White are unimpressed.


“If you start with the first track on the first (self-titled Led Zeppelin) album, “Good Times Bad Times,” and you think of the drum part that John Bonham did there, how many drummers in the world can actually play that? Let alone Dad on a Christmas morning? There might be a lot of alcohol to be consumed over Christmas, he still ain’t gonna get it,” Led Zeppelin founder Page told journalists at a Beverly Hills news conference on Friday.