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First glimpse of new James Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace”


james-bond-3.jpgOne prefers his martinis in a glass and the other drinks his whisky straight from the bottle. They could not be more opposite, but this Wednesday movie superhero Hancock (Will Smith) and superspy James Bond (Daniel Craig) will be paired together when the first versions of a promotional “trailer” for upcoming Bond flick “Quantum of Solace“roll out alongside the premiere of “Hancock.”

will-smith-2.jpg“Hancock” tells the story of a self-loathing, hard-drinking superhero who is given a chance to redeem himself. It is widely expected to become a box office hit, and leading up to its debut, the movie has been heavily promoted. (That’s Will signing autographs at the U.K. premiere of “Hancock.”)

Film footage of the upcoming Bond flick, however, has been kept top secret. Not anymore. The promotional trailer, which is essentially a long commercial, began playing on Monday in the U.S. and Canada on Web site and internationally on

james-bond-2.jpgThe trailer begins with a flashback to the drowning of Bond’s love, Vesper Lynd, in 2006′s “Casino Royale,” and it continues with scenes of plane and car chases, a speedboat crashing into a larger boat and plenty of acrobatic fighting.

“Hancock” offers mortgage rescue to one lucky family


rtx73ch.jpgCaught up in the mortgage crisis and looking for a helping hand? “Hancock” could come to your rescue. 

Columbia Pictures, the Hollywood studio behind upcoming action movie “Hancock,” is holding a contest to pay off the mortgage debt of one family — taking its cue from the flawed but good-hearted superhero played by Will Smith in the movie.