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Make or break time for this summer’s reality stars


It’s make or break time for some reality stars — minor celebs who this summer in the U.S. have lingered on television and in the pages of celebrity magazines, making headlines for getting divorcedkourtney-kardashian, getting pregnant or singing a song on stage, and then talking endlessly about the experience. How long will they stay in the news?

Jon Gosselin, the Octodad who audiences of the TLC show “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ rooted for when he was a homebody husband, has endured some negative headlines since the June announcement of his pending divorce. The paparazzi these days are more likely to photograph him with a scantily clad woman in Las Vegas than being a doting dad, and that does nothing for his image. Jon is out there on his own now, his prized Ed Hardy T-shirts blurred out by TLC in his recent appearances on the show, as the program’s ratings continue their freefall.

In recent days, Gosselin has attracted some less than flattering headlines. There was US Weekly’s “Tim Gunn Slams Jon Gosselin’s Style,” in which the fashion maven said Gosselin’s too-big clothing choices represent the “slobification of America.” In a headline that sums up a whole story, a blog writer at the Los Angeles Times wrote “Jon Gosselin whines that Kate called him a ‘lame fish.’ Um, that’s lame duck, Jon.”heidi-spencer

It’s clear that Jon Gosselin is not feeling the love these days. But the real question is, how long will he continue to make headlines simply for living the life of a bachelor, a life not that different from many other American bachelors? Will the declining ratings for his show spell the end of his fame?