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Play it again, Sam?


We’ve all been there — sitting at a rock/folk/country concert, politely waiting for the band to get through its new songs and start belting out the reasons we came in the first place. But if we do that, do the performers then have a responsibilty to deliver the oldies? And in a form we want to hear?

A couple of recent performances have underlined the issue. As Fan Fare noted recently, Yusuf, the former Cat Stevens, left some fans disappointed at the recent festival in Cropredy. He delivered a fine bob1set, but primarily stuck to new songs and some obscure old ones. He was unprepared to give the crowd the big hits it was hoping, indeed asking for.

Meanwhile, a review in R2 (the former Rock’n'Reel) magazine of Bob Dylan’s gig at the O2 Arena in London was scathing. Critic Rychard Carrington wrote:

“The set included many classics from the 60s … but all in radically revised versions. On paper this sounds interesting, but in practise I felt half-cheated — I was excited that he was playing an old favourite, but frustrated that what I was actually hearing felt like a different song.”