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The “curse” continues on “Dancing with the Stars”


Three more contestants on the ABC show “Dancing with the Stars” nursed injuries on Friday as they steeled themselves for their appearance on the show next week. Dance floor casuaheidi-klum-tom-bergeronlties Steve-O, Steve Wozniak and Gilles Marini are all hurting, but they want to stay on, according to media reports.

Steve-O, a daredevil stunt man who starred in the television series “Jackass,” has complained of an on-going back injury. Wozniak, who co-founded Apple Computer Inc, was photographed earlier this week leaving a Los Angeles dance studio with a cast on his leg. Marini, a French-born actor who starred in last year’s movie “Sex and the City,” has said he separated his shoulder. It remains to be seen on Monday’s episode if all three contestants will follow through on their pledges to soldier on.

This comes after two original contestants, the singer Jewel and the celebrity journalist Nancy O’Dell, were scratched from the show before the premiere episode last Monday with knee and leg injuries. Former Playboy model Holly Madison and “Bachelor” star Melissa Rycroft replaced the two contestants.  

Media reports have described all the injuries as a continuation of the “curse” that supposedly plagues the show, now in its eighth season. (Who could forget Marie Osmond’s collapse on the ballroom floor or Julianne Hough’s appendicitis and endometriosis?) Another possible explanation is that many Americans are simply out of shape, so the rigors of performing on a show with pirouettes, jumps and dizzying footwork could be too much for the average body to take.

“Dancing with the Stars” fans flip for Shawn Johnson


Jilted on national TV last week by the “The Bachelor”,  former cheerleader Melissa Rycroft is expected to join ex-Playboy model Holly Madison as the last minute “Dancing with the Stars” replacements for injured singer Jewel and celebrity journalist Nancy O’Dell.shawn

But on the eve of the eighth season of the show, it seems that Olympic champion gymnast Shawn Johnson, 17,  is the celebrity that fans are most excited about seeing, according to an AOL poll.