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Burlesque star Dita Von Teese mulls move to Paris



Dita Von Teese says Parisian men appreciate their showgirls more than Americans, no matter what their age. Perhaps with an eye on Hollywood’s ageist reputation, the 35-year-old dancer is even considering a move from L.A. to the French capital.

“I’m going to move to Paris like all the other glamorous stars of the past that moved to Paris,” the brunette said at the London launch of her new underwear range for Wonderbra, inspired by the 1940s and 1950s. ”There are certain places that men always appreciate their glamour girls and especially their showgirls of any age, so I really am going to move to Paris, I think.”

Von Teese, something of a throwback to movie stars of another era, is a big departure for the underwear range. At the press launch in London’s Covent Garden she posed for photographers swinging on a giant model of one of her bras wearing a peach dress and ultra-high heels.

“My first job when I was 15 years old was working in a lingerie store,” she told Reuters. “I worked there for many years and my obsession and love of lingerie is really what made me become a pinup model and burlesque dancer.”

Jeremy Piven starts rehearsals for Broadway debut


jeremy-piven.jpg“Entourage” star Jeremy Piven started rehearsals this week on another show about the inside world of show-business, only this time it’s on a Broadway stage.

Piven is starring in a revival of David Mamet’s play “Speed-the-Plow,” billed as a “scathing portrait of the film industry and the people who are willing to sell their souls for sex, fame and fortune.”

Actor Vince Vaughn has studios laughing to the bank


vaughn.jpgComedian Vince Vaughn has topped a list of Hollywood stars giving studios the best returns on their investments. In an “Entertainment All Stars Special Issue”, Forbes magazine has looked at which actors provide the best payback and Vaughn was No. 1, with his films earning $14.73 for every dollar he was paid. Why? Well, until recently he wasn’t paid the mega-bucks of other Hollywood stars and the films he starred in, like aniston.jpg“Wedding Crashers” and “The Break-Up,” had modest budgets but good box office returns.

A-listers Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and George Clooney also looked good in the list because of their work in “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Ocean’s Thirteen”, as they all took pay cuts to appear in the heist movies. 

Holy Jolie! Those baby names are so…well…normal


angelina.jpgYou could almost hear the collective groan from reporters and commentators the world over when they learned the names of Angelina Jolie’s twins. Pencils, mine included, were sharpened for stories of outlandish celebrity baby names. OK, Jolie and partner Brad Pitt didn’t go for “Jack and Jill” exactly, but Vivienne Marcheline was remarkably restrained for the bizarre-baby-name age, and Knox Leon was only slightly more whacky.

Nicole Kidman had got people nicely warmed up with “Sunday Rose” for her recently-arrived daughter, who, incidentally, was born on a Monday.

So, you want a spot on Hollywood’s Red Carpet?


resized.jpgWatch out all you Red Carpet pros on Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood and other celebrity TV shows, this September there will be a new face on Tinseltown’s glamour scene. And although that amateur may not know what the heck they are doing, he or she just might be aiming for your job. Remember, it’s not hard losing a coveted slot on the Red Carpet. Just ask Joan Rivers. and YouTube are unveiling a new channel on the video Web site dedicated to celebrity content provided by To kick off the channel, and YouTube, along with cosmetics company Revlon, are launching a contest where one ”Red Carpet Reporter” will be picked to interview celebrities at a star-filled event in September.

Kiss Angelina? It’s a hard job but someone has to…


brangelina.jpgFilming love scenes with Angelina Jolie would be a dream job for millions of men around the world — but her co-star in “Wanted” is not one of them. James McAvoy told In Touch Weekly that kissing Jolie was “not very nice”.

“I can tell you what it was like to kiss her mcavoy.jpgon a film set: It was awkward, sweaty and not very nice,” said the Scottish actor. “There was angst involved in that, as always. I don’t think Brad Pitt felt threatened for one moment.”

Guessing games begin in Cannes


cannes20081.jpgIt may seem a little premature to be discussing who may win this year’s coveted Palme d’Or, the top prize at the Cannes film festival. The festival doesn’t start until Wednesday, there are 22 movies in competition and only a handful of them has actually been screened to critics and reporters.

That does not stop the speculation. France’s Le Monde newspaper has an interesting point — that Steven Soderbergh’s four-and-a-half-hour epic “Che”, only just completed in time to qualify for the main competition, would not be the first “last-minute” entry to walk away with the main award.

The Lohan Parent Trap?



Seems Lindsay Lohan’s showbiz mom, Dina, is having some last minute second thoughts about putting her second daughter Ali, 14, into the limelight.
    Ali and Dina are starring in an upcoming E! reality show that will chronicle Dina’s efforts to put her younger daughter on the path to fame (or should that be shame?) enjoyed by big sister Lindsay.
    “It’s scary because I did it with Lindsay and got her to the level of success that she is at and with the tabloids…so with Ali now it’s scary…they are already making things up about her,” Dina Lohan told Access Hollywood  in an interview.
    Ali’s big Hollywood debut comes a year after Lindsay Lohan made headlines for all the wrong reasons — she wrecked her car, served time in jail for drunk driving and cocaine possession, and had two stints in rehab.
    Lindsay, who shot to fame at age 11, was also attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings before the age of 21 — the legal age for drinking in the United States.
    You have to wonder why Dina didn’t think twice before signing that reality show contract.