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Did Michael Jackson switch from “Billie Jean” to “Mary Jane”?


A newly unsealed search warrant issued in California suggests that bags of marijuana were found at Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles mansion after he died. The discovery may earn Jackson a new nickname: King of Pot.michael-jacksonshow

The Los Angeles TImes reported on Thursday that authorities discovered the marijuana in Jackson’s home, after they searched it when his family members discovered what was initially believed to be tar heroin at the residence. Tests revealed the substance was not tar heroin, various media outlets reported.

There is little medical evidence that marijuana can cause death, so reports that it was discovered at Jackson’s home may not go far in determining what lead to his June demise. Authorities have already indicated that the pop star had lethal levels of the anesthetic propofol in his system, and a previous search warrant showed that Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, admitted to giving him the dangerous drug to help induce sleep.

Still, the discovery of marijuana raises questions. His former nurse, Cherilyn Lee, has said in media interviews, including this one with CNN, that Jackson did not use drugs recreationally, including marijuana.